Hello reader! Read about our weekly progress in a battle called: Being An Indie Developer. Today: New Tap Order 2 progress! Weekly progress Well… Last week we did some improvements on New Tap Order 2. Mainly code work, but sound effects and graphics also. We managed to meet personally and work together. We are mainly online working team so it was great motivation! Only 8 hours but it was worth it! Definitely recommend working “live” side by side from time to time. Lots of thing were made during last week, but for now you can enjoy this little GIF only. More stuff coming! This isRead More →

Welcome graceful reader! Come, sit and read about Aliasing Games work from last week. Of course if you are interested in stuff like this. Feedback Last week we spent on getting feedback for Fit Me In and New Tap Order 2. As you may now it is crucial for improving your games. One little thing can change entire game feel for players. And you may even don’t know that this or that is really getting people angry or uncomfortable. Count of thing to improve in: Fit Me In – 3 New Tap Order 2 – well.. Landing pages We almost did landing pages for ourRead More →

Hello again! Curious about our Aliasing Games progress from last week? No? Well… You might just lost something useful to learn. Fit Me In open beta Last week we released Fit Me In open beta for everyone on Google Play. We did publish Fit Me In just like normal finished game to minimize steps required to download our game. Average Android user want to search for a game and install it instantly without any sign-ups to tester programs. This way we minimize steps which players need to do to download, play and maybe give us feedback. Icon and logo on Play Store clearly states thatRead More →