Aliasing Games after a year in gamedev industry

Aliasing Games

It was a great year for Aliasing Games ! If you want to take a look at what we achieved over a year of making games, read on!

The beginning of Aliasing Games

We formed our team slightly over a year ago. We started without ANY knowledge about making games and we needed to learn everything from scratch. From coding and art, marketing and promotion, team and project management and bunch of other stuff. You probably know how much you need to master to get it to work right? If not, prepare for a lot of work.

After a year in gamedev industry

Right now our team consist of 5 people working in a free time and we managed to:

Are these good achievements? Yes and yes. Of course we managed to make some games and learnt a lot doing that but we made a LOT of mistakes too. And mistakes are GREAT – you can learn from them.

Insights of what went right

Lots of mistakes and fails (don’t be afraid to make them)
Weekly online meetings (as our team is completely online)
Development tools (we managed to choose what is the best for us)
Learning, learning, learning! (in many aspects each member of Aliasing Games increased his skills)
Strong Team! (Thank you guys!)
Earnings (we did not break even so we need to work harder this year)

Insights of what went wrong

You won’t read about it here. Why? Because focusing on what you are doing right is far more powerful than focusing on what went wrong. Just think about that. You achieve things on which you focus the most. So do NOT focus on what went wrong. Failures and epic fails will come either. Concentrate on what you are good at and start from doing just that.


Some of you may say that it is so small progress for a year of development. Some of you will hate in comments. You may even don’t like our games. But who cares? We make and we will make games for sure and get better at it! We hope that you will see one or more of our projects somewhere on the internet!

And for the end:

Do not be afraid to do what you want to do guys! Either it is making games or anything else!

Good luck to you and thanks for reading this to the end ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next time,
Aliasing Games Team