Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E16

New Tap Order 2 official release. Reviews. Videos. Fame?

Another 2 weeks progress report. This time about final touches to New Tap Order 2 before release. Also a little bit of “what went right and what went wrong” with production process and final release.

What went right and what went wrong:



  • We could sent more polished version to influencers and delay release to provide better experience.
  • We all have faced burn out phase at the end hence the lower motivation and work hours.
  • We should have started promoting earlier and way better.
  • We should have had a written down marketing action plan. There are so much things to do around release. Small, but important, tasks can get lost.
  • Giving that we don’t have much graphics “power” in team we should aim for less visual games to ship games faster.


  • bug fixing
  • blur on first layer of background to tone it down a little bit
  • vibration levels in options
  • new “Level up” animation
  • second-hand on pause clock
  • last game height, 50% height record, height record markers
  • new how to steer rocket in tutorial animations
  • tweaked spawning schedule of collectibles
  • new points system
  • tweaked game-over table
  • official release v1.0.38 – that’s 38 builds to release version 1.0 in the Google Play Store

Work-time summary:

53:13 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 37:42 from last week.


43:41 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 53:13 from last week.



Until next time!


Aliasing Games Team