Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E14

New Aliasing Games branding, open beta, feedback, fix – endless loop of iterations.

This time we publish 2 week progress report post as we skipped previous week due to somewhat lack of organization… Yes it is true. Sometimes it happens that we have so much things to do that we skip or forget about something. We need to work on that for sure.

Anyway. For the last two weeks we changed our branding graphics and were gathering feedback from open beta of New Tap Order 2. From analytics, volunteers on the internet, our friends and other devs on PGA. Also some preparations for the release were made.

New Tap Order 2 feedback:

Overall feedback was OK. We found that:

  • graphics looks nice
  • game is too dark
  • game is to hard for beginners
  • every pop-up in the tutorial is skipped right away
  • majority of players want to play the game the fast way
  • there are some places that slow down players replayability
  • some nasty bugs are still inside
  • there are NEVER too many particles as long as your performance is good.


Work-time summary:

62:14 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 68:32 from last week.

67:34 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 62:11 from last week.




New Aliasing Games logo and icon:

Aliasing Games logo

Animated logo from new splash screen:


Official New Tap Order 2 trailer:


Another progress next time!


Aliasing Games Team