Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E12

Aliasing GamesNew Tap Order 2 open beta ready for testing!

New Tap Order 2 open beta ready

Finally, we released open beta on Google Play! Check it, write a comment and we will test your game too 🙂

Show us some bugs we don’t know about 🙂

No e-mail required, just visit:


  • project cleaning
  • bug fixing
  • new point system
  • game over summary table
  • tutorial tweaks
  • full Unity Ads working implementation
  • Fabric update and fixes
  • text particles
  • implemented Unity Analytics and Answers from Fabric
  • Facebook sharing
  • parallax on the background

92:10 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 50:31 from last week.


That is a huge improvement in our working hours. Yay!

Some visuals:

New Tap Order 2 logo:

New Tap Order 2 logo

Rocket Mode:

New Tap Order 2 Rocket Mode

Few particles:

New Tap Order 2 new particles

Official open beta gameplay:

Another progress next time!

PS. Don’t forget to share your games in comments below 🙂


Aliasing Games Team