Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E10

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Aliasing Games 2 weeks progress

There were lots of thing going on past two weeks. Unfortunately there were no blog or worklog posts during that time. But hey, wedding is a good explanation for this 😉 But apart from all this, we managed to push towards final release od New Tap Order 2. We still have lots of small thing to do, but we are heading towards release.


  • finished graphics optimization
  • implemented camera shake effect everywhere
  • huge code refactor with bug fixes
  • performance improvements
  • collectible spawner fixes
  • added test spawner for testing and tweaking purposes
  • menu with missions and achievements
  • created first icon
  • main player and other graphics improvements
  • added lots of particle effects to improve feel of the game
  • small tutorial improvements
  • achievements graphics elements
  • smoothing the game experience through deleting unnecessary stops during gameplay
  • presskit & landing pages creation in progress

18:39 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 61:08 from last week.

24:24 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 18:39 from last week.

Some visuals as for today:

First attempt on the New Tap Order 2 icon. Any feedback in comments?

New Tap Order 2 first icon

Short video with camera effect and little sneak peak into the gameplay:

Another progress and finishing touches to New Tap Order 2 next time!


Aliasing Games Team