Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E08

Aliasing GamesHi! Check out Aliasing Games progress working on New Tap Order 2. Short and sweet format from now.

Aliasing Games weekly progress

  • Google Play Services integration
  • achievements
  • Facebook API integration
  • Popup Manager
  • Test Fairy integration
  • bug fixes – as always
  • another GUI improvements
  • graphics improvements
  • all SFX done
  • cleaning project
  • optimizing the game to get steady 60 FPS on all testing devices
  • new particle effects
  • still working on new seamless tutorial

61:08 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 68:34 from last week.


Few of main menu variation, still not finished.


Collectible crystal


Collectible coin


Another portion of progress next week!


AG Team