Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E07

Aliasing GamesHi, hi, hello! Check out what we accomplished last week here in Aliasing Games, working on New Tap Order 2.

Weekly progress

Whole last week was dedicated to burn down steadily growing backlog. There is so much things to do, even when you make simple casual game, you would newer know. But you probably know right?

Changing every little thing grows from minutes to hours,ย  to whole days of tweaking, changing, improving, ITERATING. But hey! It is how games are made. At least we think that right now.

We are learning every little thing from scratch, so it takes so much time to discover what is working best. But we have steadily growing amount of “puzzles” – things we created, and are using to build games in Unity. You can find some on this DevBlog ๐Ÿ™‚

Enough of this andย  lest jump to last week progress:

  • bug fixes – they are always there
  • GUI improvements (thanks to humble Indies from Indie Game Chat group on Facebook)
  • graphics improvements
  • new sound effects
  • cleaning of Unity project tree
  • brightness adjusting feature
  • particle effects
  • spawner improvements
  • graphics optimization with atlases (+10 FPS on average – jupi!)

Nearly 68:34 hours of continuous work-time tracked with Toggl, compared to 27:27 from last week. Almost 2,5 times more time week to week. Nice!

Some graphics:

Particle effect from one of the available game modes:

New Tap Order 2 particle

Improved main menu from New Tap Order 2:

New Tap Order 2 main menu

Brightness adjustment feature:

New Tap Order 2 brightness Adjustment

What do you think? Any feedback in comments? ๐Ÿ™‚


Aliasing Games Team