Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E06

Aliasing Games iconHello interesting person! If you want to know Aliasing Games work progress you are in the right place. If not, you are welcome to discover something new.

Weekly progress

As you may know we are currently working on New Tap Order 2. It is our second attempt to bring people new type of casual mechanics. In fact, idea for this game come to me in a dream and then it was: New Tap Order – over a year ago and it is NOT a good game… If you want to try it anyway, give it a go. If you know any game with similar mechanics we would be very pleased if you link it in comments.

New Tap Order 2 is our second attempt to implement this dream mechanics and summarizes everything what we’ve learned for the last year. For sure it is way better. But we are not finished with it yet! Our backlog is growing, not burning down. You probably know how it is 🙂

Last week progress:

  • bug fixes – little and big ones
  • new graphics – improvements here and there
  • new SFX – almost done
  • new GUI – still experimenting
  • new animations – it is nice when you like on moving things
  • first scripts towards Facebook integration – for start only sharing option
  • first attempts to integrate Google Play Services – achievements and leader-boards
  • checked and dropped Twitter integration due to low Fabric support for Unity
  • small universal scripts to reuse later


If there is anything you would like to share with us please do so. Everything from feedback to constructive critics you can write down in comments. Also, if you have a game a need some playtests reach to us and we can grow together being Indie Developers. Test for test, review for review, anything that helps! 🙂 Interested?

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it somehow 🙂


Aliasing Games Team