Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E04

Aliasing Games icon Welcome graceful reader! Come, sit and read about Aliasing Games work from last week. Of course if you are interested in stuff like this.


Last week we spent on getting feedback for Fit Me In and New Tap Order 2. As you may now it is crucial for improving your games. One little thing can change entire game feel for players. And you may even don’t know that this or that is really getting people angry or uncomfortable.

Count of thing to improve in:

Fit Me In – 3

New Tap Order 2 – well..

Landing pages

We almost did landing pages for our games. Oh boy, it was really hard to decide how to do it… Standalone WordPress install, WordPress multisite, WordPress plugin within devBlog, custom hand made site… I don’t even want to think about it now. But it all comes to one thing: do what you know best and then iterate. So we ended up on creating only one landing page for Fit Me In and it isn’t even finished yet.

You can find all Aliasing Games landing pages here:

Aliasing Games Unity tutorials

We finally have a decent amount of Aliasing Game Unity tutorials here. They are available in one place on the top of this devBlog. You are welcome! You can always find it quickly now.


Oh, and if you want to chat with us and other Indies on Twitter visit: We will be there!

Btw. Did you know that Cats Are Liquid? Thanks LastQuarter Studios!


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Aliasing Games Team