Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E03

Aliasing Games iconHello again! Curious about our Aliasing Games progress from last week? No? Well… You might just lost something useful to learn.

Fit Me In open beta

Last week we released Fit Me In open beta for everyone on Google Play. We did publish Fit Me In just like normal finished game to minimize steps required to download our game. Average Android user want to search for a game and install it instantly without any sign-ups to tester programs. This way we minimize steps which players need to do to download, play and maybe give us feedback. Icon and logo on Play Store clearly states that it is a beta version of game to inform players that it is still in development:


BANER FMIFit Me In needs lots of improvements – we know that. But mobile games are just that. You make initial version and iterate till you make it possibly the best.

Here are some GIFs to show you some gameplay:

Sadly, the tutorial we worked on last week, did not work very well. Initial feedback was: skip tutorial, try to master controls for 10 sec, leave the game. We need to improve this part as it is a first impression when player download Fit Me In. we need to hook players to stay and play.

If you want to give us any FEEDBACK please do so 🙂 We can give feedback to your game too!

Hope you enjoyed this worklog. See you next week!

Cheers, Aliasing Games Team