Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E02

Aliasing Games iconHello again! Are you curious of our progress from the last week? Yes? Enjoy then!

Fit Me In interactive tutorial

This week we didn’t go hard on visuals, but we managed to make a new version of tutorial for Fit Me In. Just to let you know we are releasing open beta for everyone later this week! Anyway, instead of dull and boring still graphic and text we did interactive tutorial for you to learn how to manipulate objects in 3d space on your smartphone. You can always skip it and try to guess controls by yourself, but for anyone who is interested, here it is.

Fit Me In tutorial


Another thing we managed to do was Aliasing Games strategy. After a year of dilly-dally in game development we finally got it together and formed strategy based on what worked for us in past year, coupled with research based on other indies experiences and some business and management side of things.

If you want to form your own strategy you can start with watching this two videos just for motivation:

Then you need to start thinking. And think hard! Eventually you will find that omnipresent equation:


And based on that, write your own UNIQUE strategy. Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed this short worklog. See you next week!

Cheers, AG Team