Aliasing Games worklog – Y02E01

Aliasing Games iconIt is time to start new type of posts on Aliasing Games devBlog. From now on you will be able to see how good or bad our progress is on weekly basis. So if you enjoy this kind of content, fell free to come here every Wednesday. Just to clear things up: Y02E01 stands for second Year of Aliasing Games existence and first Episode of this type of posts. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Current state of Aliasing Games development

To start properly, you need to see where Aliasing Games is right now. If you haven’t please read Aliasing Games after a year in gamedev industry.

Just to quickly remind, now we are working to finish two games: Fit Me In and New Tap Order 2. And please, if you are doing two games at once, stop! It is not good to make more than one game at a time. Trust us. We are finishing things up to clear the battlefield and switch whole team to work on one game only.

Fit Me In

Fit Me In iconFit Me In is a 3d puzzle game inspired by Tetris, Jenga and Rubicks Cube.

Last week we worked at new tutorial to better show how to play this game. We need some more time to finish new tutorial but you can always betatest the rest if you want. Some tweaks and bug fixes are ahead of us but nothing scary.



New Tap Order 2

New Tap Order 2 is a remake of our very first game: New Tap Order. It is far more polished right now and has more features that the first one.

Last week we focused on visuals. We managed to improve in-game logo and pause screen graphics. See for yourself.

Aliasing Games

We decided to change our brand visuals as well. You may see our new icon on the top of this post. Below is new logo. What do you think of it?

Aliasing Games logo

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Would you like to read more of this? Comment below, share your blog here as well.

Cheers, AG Team