UNITY TUTORIALS by Aliasing Games

Unity Tutorials

After a year of programming in Unity we decided to compile all published posts into one part. There are over thirty posts about creating games and applications in Unity, both 2D and 3D. Our tutorials range from C# basics to more advanced techniques like OpenGL rendering. So here we give in your hands our Unity tutorials for everyone who wants to learn more about game development. We hope that this elaboration will be useful and informative.

We therefore wish you pleasant reading!

Table of contents

C# basics

  1. Delegates #1 – Introduction – C# delegates basics,
  2. Delegates #2 – Events – C# events and delegates comparison,
  3. Delegates #3 – Supplement – introduction to Funcs, Actions and Unity Events,
  4. Singletons in C# and Unity – implement singleton pattern in Unity in correct way,
  5. Collections in C# and Unity – the power of generic collections in Unity,
  6. Extension methods in C# and Unity – create your own extension methods to make your scripting more effective,
  7. Partial class and Unity – how to use partial classes in Unity
  8. C# interface in Unity (examples inside!) – introduction to C# interfaces with examples in Unity,
  9. C# Abstract class – quick introduction in C# abstract classes,
  10. C# virtual methods and functions – post about using virtual methods and function in C# and Unity,
  11. Unity JSON serialization – JSONUtility – introduction to serialization with JSON.


  1. Execution order in Unity! – briefly about Unity script’s lifecycle and how to change order of execution,
  2. Coroutines – the first encounter! – introduction to coroutines in Unity,
  3. Oh! You touched my screen! – handle user screen touches with suitable interfaces,
  4. TimeScale vs Toast message – final battle! – the impact of Time.timeScale on coroutines,
  5. Accelerometer in Unity – introduction to using accelerometer as game’s input with low pass filter,
  6. Object pooling in Unity – use object pooling to minimize,
  7. Unity LayerMask Extension – useful extension methods for LayerMask in Unity.

Useful functions

  1. Organize your MonoBehaviour fields! – use Headers to make your Inspector more readible,
  2. Lerp functions in Unity – first part of Lerp functions tutorial,
  3. How to Lerp properly?! – second part of Lerp tutorial which shows to use it properly,
  4. SmoothDamp – dynamic smoothing! – Smoothdamp tutorial with explanation and typical example,
  5. InertialDamp – Unity SmoothDamp alternative! – another look at SmoothDamp and its alternative – InertialDamp.

Graphics and rendering

  1. Render lines – Unity – how to render simple lines with OpenGL,
  2. GameObject over GUI – cameras’ manipulations which allow to render 3D objects over GUI layer,
  3. Quad instead of tilable sprite in Unity – use quads as tilable sprites in 2D games,
  4. Sorting layer and order for quads – define exact sorting layer and order in layer for objects other then sprites in 2D mode,
  5. Unity Particle System Editor – description of Particle System’s parameters.


  1. Pause rigidbody simulation – implement your own methods to pause and resume rigidbody simulation,
  2. Physics layers in Unity – define possible interactions between objects using physics layers,
  3. Raycasting in Unity 1# – select game object – cast a ray from mouse click and select object from the scene,
  4. RaycastAll function – Raycast in Unity #2 – use RaycastAll function to hit multiple objects in the scene.

Complete solutions

  1. Events in simple Unity game – Delegates #4! – simple game which heavily uses events and delegates; you can find many useful scripts here,
  2. Toast with coroutines! – Android’s toast message made with coroutines,
  3. FPS meter by AliasingGames! – create your own FPS meter,
  4. Multitouch tester in Unity – tool which tests your phone’s multitouch,
  5. Unity Parallax: The Secret – how to get a simple parallax effect in 2D games,
  6. Game of Life – Unity implementation – Conway’s Game of Life made in Unity,
  7. Unity Pause Manager implementation – our PauseManager implementation based on interfaces, delegates and singleton pattern,
  8. Splash screen in Unity – even on Personal Edition! – if you want to create simple splash screen, check this post,
  9. New Tap Order 2 + Mini Game – another simple game with useful scripts based on New Tap Order 2.


  1. Unity Remote. How to make it work? – several steps to be make Unity Remote works,
  2. Flock simulation Unity – flock simulation algorithms in Unity
  3. Screenshots in Unity – 3 ways to get Unity game’s screenshots,
  4. Right click to Open as Unity Project – useful trick to open Unity project with RMB,
  5. Play mode tint in Unity Editor – another trick to make Unity Editor more friendly,
  6. Camera shake in Unity! – simple code which adds earthquake effect.